ss for friends

I have my own shadowsocks server for Internet accessing(against GFW). The server still has spare bandwidth for multi-user. So…~

I’d like to share my shadowsocks service with my friends.
But GFW upgrades frequently, and I can’t upgrade my ss service setting too often(not easy to inform all users).

Also, It is not safe to use old settings for a long time.
So I decided to change the way of service handling.

From now on, I will manage a Email-list for my friends. Everyone in the list, will receive the setting updates right after I have changed something.

Let’s make some rules for that:

  • If you want to use my ss service, you should first apply to enroll.
  • If we still have spare bandwidth & transfer capacity. I will accept your request as soon as…..I realize.
    And you will receive a letter about my ss service immediately.
    If we are short of bandwidth & transfer capacity. I will add you to the wait-list, and you won’t receive anything.
  • Any updates will be sent to members in the Email-list.
  • When you are leaving this country or do not need my ss any more, you should Email me.
    I will remove your Email from the list.The related resources will be assigned to the person in the wait list. You can re-apply later.

Notice that:

  • you should use a real identity to request my ss. It’s only for friends.
  • There’s no limit to the number of devices you use. But do not share my service with any other person without my permission.
    If they know me, they can apply the service by themselves.
  • Any information you send/receive through the ss proxy can be intercepted by me.
    I promise not to monitor any traffic through the server. But you still need to know that the ss proxy is not safe enough.

The application Email should be sent with the title:
Across the Great Wall, we can reach every corner in the world
to my Email :

The body contains at least the following information:

  • [Legal Name] : Your name on the ID card
  • [Main Email] : Your Email address to receive any updates.The provider of the mailbox should be reliable enough, such as gmail. The email address suffixed with will not be accepted.
  • [Auxiliary Email] : Your vice mailbox. Perhaps inside the wall. It will receive a pure mail only containing QR code and software download links, without any Explanation.
    I will send an Email to this address only when you first join the mail-list. Or when I make some urgent major changes.

Feel free to compliment me ~